Fee Schedule

Mediation time will be charged at the rate of $680 per hour ($340.00 per hour, per party for two party mediations), and time is computed to the next half hour. For “multiparty” mediations with three (3) parties, the rate is $250 per hour, per party. For mediations with four (4) or more parties the rate is $200 per hour, per party. “Parties” to the mediation refers to the named parties to the litigation as well as any interested parties voluntarily participating in the mediation process. The mediator is entitled to compensation for all time spent on the case including but not limited to preparation time, telephone conferences, attendance at the mediation conference, follow-up, collection efforts (including but not limited to attorney fees and costs), preparation of the parties’ agreement and the Mediation Report to the Court.

Parties agree to waive any part of a Court order inconsistent with the afore-mentioned hourly rates.

Please note that these fees include reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the mediator such as clerical, local telephone, local fax charges, postage costs, etc., but we reserve the right to charge for extraordinary expenses.

There is a three and one half (3.5) hour minimum charge for all mediations unless agreed to by the mediator. Also, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the participating parties shall divide mediation fees equally.

If a full day is reserved, there will be a seven (7) hour minimum charge.

Travel time is billed at actual time.

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Cancellation Policy

The mediator in this case has been engaged to conduct this mediation. As such, we are accepting this engagement to the exclusion of scheduling other work for the day and the time which has been reserved. Due to the difficulty of scheduling a new case when there is a cancellation, the time and expenses already incurred in scheduling and preparing of the cancelled conference, and the positive effect a scheduled conference can have in settlement negotiations, the following policies have been adopted: In the event this mediation is cancelled within ten (10) business days of the scheduled conference, there will be a three (3.0) hour minimum charge divided equally by all parties. Unless the parties in the case agree on who should pay the cancellation fee, all parties, through their attorneys, shall be financially responsible for their share. All cancellations should be done so in writing, email, or fax with the agreement of all parties and counsel.


Law firms and lawyers – not their clients – will be billed and are responsible for the Mediation bill. Payment is due within 10 days of the date of the bill and is not conditioned on settlement or receipt of settlement funds. Past due bills will accrue interest at the highest legal rate and will result in additional charges for time and fees spent on collection.

Pro se parties (those not represented by attorneys) must pre-pay a $1000 deposit prior to mediation.